Film Screenings

Kwan Tak-hing.Sek Kin

After Kwan Tak-hing originated the role of Wong Fei-hung in the 1950s, he became synonymous with the real-life folk hero with the success of the Wong Fei-hung film series. The perennial nemesis was always portrayed by Sek Kin, making Master Kwan and ‘Villain Kin' a duo celebrated for years to come. Their rivalry was so iconic that Sek would still be cast as the antagonist even when Kwan was playing roles other than Wong Fei-hung.

Kenneth Tsang Kong.Suet Nei

Suet Nei was noted for her agility thanks to her training in Peking opera but it was the unique combination of sweetness and steely courage in her face that made her stand out from the crowd. When partnered up with the modern-looking Kenneth Tsang Kong with a charming swagger, their on-screen chemistry sparkled all the way from wuxia to modern films in 1960s Cantonese cinema.

Ti Lung.John Chiang

Ti Lung and John Chiang both rose to prominence in the 1970s as impossibly handsome actors: Ti was striking and intense while Chiang was dashing and buoyant. Displaying completely different charms, it's no wonder that they stood out as the most successful duo cast in director Chang Cheh's cinematic world of staunch masculinity.

Sammo Hung.Yuen Biao

Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao, trained under the same opera master Yu Jim-yuen, were frequent collaborators during the boom of action comedies in the 1980s. With solid acrobatic, martial arts and gymnastic skills, the two displayed a natural rhythm and harmony whether they fought against or along each other. Their strong rapport rivalled that of two dance partners—with their moves just as spectacular.