Cine Memories of the War of National Resistance

Cine Memories of the War of National Resistance


Every year, the Archive presents a free screening of wartime film in commemoration of the victory against Japanese invasion to give the audience an insight into the experiences of war and the historical meanings behind. Stories of ordinary people during wartimes might be a rare subject for local directors, except for Ann Hui. Her films Love in a Fallen City (1984) and The Golden Era (2014) were set in Hong Kong during Japanese occupation, albeit from the perspective of expatriates. Our Time Will Come (2017), on the other hand, tells the story of native heroes struggling under extraordinary circumstances. It is particularly timely to watch it this year, during the 75th anniversary of the national victory.

The contents of the programme do not represent the views of the presenter. The presenter reserves the right to change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.

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