Cantonese Opera Film Retrospective (Revised Edition, 2003) Book Cover

Cantonese Opera Film Retrospective (Revised Edition, 2003)

Revised edition of the out-of-print retrospective catalogue published in conjunction with the 11th Hong Kong International Film Festival in 1987: thematic essays on the genres, history and development of Cantonese opera and the ties forged with the cinema, together with newly edited profiles of Hong Kong filmmakers, programme notes and a comprehensive filmography of Cantonese productions released between 1946 and 1959.

212 pages. Bilingual in Chinese and English. HK$60. (Edited by Li Cheuk-to; collated by May Ng)

ISBN 962-8050-25-7


Foreword to Revised Edition (2003)

Foreword to Revised Edition (1996)

Members of the Council


Festival Advisers and Staff




Li Cheuk-to

Thoughts on Chinese Opera and the Cantonese Opera Film
Shek Kei

Some Primitive Reminiscences: Myth, Sorcery and the Opera Film
Ng Ho

Observations on "The Headless Queen" Series
Liu Damu

The Lasting Sorrow of the Purple Hairpin
Michael Lam

Larger Than Life: Liang Xingbo and Banri An
Ji Er

A Director Speaks: Li Tie On Opera Films
Li Cheuk-to

Librettists and Writers: Two Interviews
Mini Lam and Li Cheuk-to

The Development of Cantonese Opera Libretti
Su Weng

"Pengmian" Master: Interviews with Zhu Qingxiang
Gu Er and Chuan Ting

Biographical Notes
Yu Mo-wan

Programme Notes
Stephen Teo

Filmography of Cantonese Cinema (1946-1959)

Glossary of Personalities

Glossary of Film Companies