Morning Matinee - Dynamic Duos: Laugh Out Loud

Morning Matinee - Dynamic Duos: Laugh Out Loud


Comedy has always been one of Hong Kong cinema's most important and long-lasting genres. No matter what state the society is in, comedies either add to the people's joy or bring them solace in difficult times. Hong Kong cinema has seen many popular comedy stars teamed up as odd couples. There were Sun Ma Si-tsang and Tang Kei-chen in the 1950s, Leung Sing-por and Liu Enjia in the 60s, Michael and Ricky Hui in the 70s and 80s, and Stephen Chow and Ng Man-tat in the 90s, who all brought joy to Hong Kong in their own ways over the decades. This season, Hong Kong Film Archive is screening some of their best works to take a closer look at the evolution of Hong Kong comedy and its close ties to society at the time.

We thank them for making the world happier and more beautiful.

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