Heritage and Integration—A Study of Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Films (Chinese edition) Book Cover

Heritage and Integration—A Study of Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Films

2019 marked the 10th anniversary of Inscription of Cantonese opera onto the UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and beyond doubt, Hong Kong-produced Cantonese opera films play a unique role in the preservation of Cantonese opera as an art form. The HKFA invited 12 scholars and experts (in alphabetical order: Winnie Chan Hiu-ting, Chan Sau-yan, Milky Cheung Man-shan, Sam Ho, Grace Lau Yin-ping, Law Kar, Lee Siu-yan, Lo Wai-luk, Lum Man-yee, Stephanie Ng, Po Fung and Yu Siu-wah) to contribute essays on Hong Kong Cantonese opera films. Their essays cover a variety of discursive topics, ranging from the key developments Cantonese opera films, a comparative study of film and Cantonese opera art, the adaptation of traditional Cantonese opera conventions in Cantonese opera films, the influence of Peking opera performers who emigrated from Shanghai on Cantonese opera films, to the textual, aesthetic, musical and artistic aspects of Hong Kong Cantonese opera films. To provide a deeper understanding of the film genre, the e-publication also includes oral history interviews with seven veteran performers and creative talents from the Cantonese opera film community, including Luo Pinchao, Hung Sin-nui, Cecilia Lee Fung-sing, Lee Yuen-man, Poon Cheuk, Choo Hing Cheong and Yuen Siu-fai.

In particular, the e-publication includes a compilation of paichang (formulaic scenes) and gongjia (feats) from a hundred of Cantonese opera films, presented in a form of a reader-friendly table with concise description. The efforts put in will surely facilitate a greater appreciation of the historical and cultural contributions of Cantonese opera films.

216 pages. Published in 2019. Free Download. (Edited by May Ng)

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