Out of the Past—From the Tai Ping Treasure Trove

Out of the Past—From the Tai Ping Treasure Trove

Venue:Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Film Archive

30/5/2021 - 26/9/2021
Free Admission

Tai Ping Theatre was once a renowned entertainment attraction in the western district of Hong Kong Island. Located at 421 Queen's Road West and featuring splendid architecture styled after western opera houses, the theatre presented popular Cantonese opera performances by a wide range of virtuoso actors, blossoming into a thriving scene of hustle and bustle both day and night. Tai Ping started presenting films on the silver screen from the 1930s, going through the many changes in our entertainment industries, enjoying the glorious developments but also enduring the ups and downs of historical difficulties. This exhibition will present more than one hundred pre-war collections from the Archive. Ms Beryl Yuen, the theatre's third generation owner, generously donated the theatre's treasure trove to the Archive and other museums, allowing us to share the memories of the theatre's golden age with the public.

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