The Amoy-dialect Films of Hong Kong Book Cover

The Amoy-dialect Films of Hong Kong

Since A Belated Encounter went into production in 1947, Hong Kong had at one time become the production centre of motion pictures in the Amoy dialect from Fujian, a coastal province in southeast China. From the 1950s to the mid-1960s, over 200 titles were made with the backing of Chinese merchants in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. While starring actors of Fujianese descent living in Hong Kong, these movies were shot by local filmmakers and distributed to Southeast Asian countries populated by Fujianese. And since they were hardly ever exhibited here in Hong Kong, this collection of b-grade pictures has eluded the attention of local film scholars.

The Amoy-dialect Films of Hong Kong features essays by researchers and experts both local and overseas, elucidating the trajectory and characteristics of this regional cinema from the perspectives of history, culture, and music. Also included are oral history interviews with star actors Chong Sit Fong, Seow Kuen (better known as Ivy Ling Bo) and Wong Ching-ho, etc. A list of Hong Kong-produced Amoy-dialect pictures from 1947 to the mid-1960s is appended at the end.

264 pages in total. Published in March 2012. Priced at HK$160. In Chinese. (Edited by May Ng)

ISBN 978-962-8050-62-8



Po Fung

From the Editor
May Ng

Anecdotes of Hong Kong Cinema: Amoy-dialect Film
Yu Mo-wan

A Sketch of Amoy-dialect Film Industry and Basic Characteristics of Its Output
Po Fung

The Overseas Network of Fujian Emigrants and the Amoy-dialect Film Industry
Stephanie Chung Po-yin

The Amoy-dialect Film Industry and the Philippine-Chinese
Jeremy E. Taylor

From the Peach Blossom Village to King's Road: The Geography of Amoy-dialect Films
Yung Sai-shing

The Ten Years of the Intertwined Fate of Amoy- and Taiwanese-dialect Films
Huang Jen

The Music of Amoy-dialect Period Films: The Case of Nanguan
Wang Ying-fen

The Music in 1950s Amoy-dialect Films: An Indicator of Cultural Interactions in Hong Kong
Yu Siu-wah

Wishes from Afar: A Glimpse of the South Seas Sentiments from Film Artefacts
Su Zhangkai

Some Observations on the Adaptation Process of Amoy-dialect Films
May Ng

Oral History Interview: Wong Ching-ho
Oral History Interview: Ivy Ling Bo
Oral History Interview: Chong Sit Fong
Oral History Interview: Lou Hung

Biographical Notes