Hong Kong Cinema—From Handicraft to High Tech Book Cover

Hong Kong Cinema—From Handicraft to High Tech

The development of the arts and technical aspects of the Hong Kong cinema, from the earliest handicraft to the present computer generated effects. Bilingual in Chinese and English. Published in 2001, priced at HK$23. (Co-edited by Law Kar & Winnie Fu)

ISBN 962-8050-12-5


Law Kar

From silent to talkies

East meets West

Post-war recovery

Money talks

The studio era

New century of martial arts

Acrobats and kung-fu

Ready? Action!

New Wave and modernisation

New visual techniques

Dressed to kill

Screen fashion

Unforgettable settings

Painting the city

Digital realm

East-West fusion

Into the 21st century

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English translation is provided for the 'Foreword' only.