A Century of Chinese Cinema: Look Back in Glory Book Cover

A Century of Chinese Cinema: Look Back in Glory

A collection of analytical essays on 25 classic Chinese films from the last century, written by notable film critics. Bilingual in Chinese and English. Published in 2001, priced at HK$45. (Edited by Hong Kong Film Critics Society)

ISBN 962-8050-11-7



Law Kar 

Romance of the West Chamber
Bono Lee

Love and Duty
Po Fung 

Big Road
Linda Lai

The Goddess
Tong Ching-siu 

Eight Hundred Heroes
Bono Lee

Spring River Flows East
Sek Kei

Sorrows of the Forbidden City
Evans Chan

Spring in a Small Town
Wong Ain-ling

Tears of the Pearl River
Stephen Teo

Cold Nights
Li Cheuk-to

Song of Youth
Reeve Wong

Laugh, Clown, Laugh
Superwing Lam

The Beauty of Beauties
Law Kar

Stage Sisters
Michael Lam

Story of a Discharged Prisoner
William Cheung

The Arch
Long Tin

A Touch of Zen
Byran Chang

The Butterfly Murders
Sam Ho 

Boat People
Law Wai-ming

Yellow Earth
Li Cheuk-to

Taipei Story
Yeh Yueh-yu

The Time to Live and the Time to Die
Sam Ho

Red Sorghum
Freddie Wong

Days of Being Wild
Ye Nianchen

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Po Fung

Editor's Note
Sam Ho