The Hong Kong-Guangdong Film Connection (English edition) Book Cover

The Hong Kong-Guangdong Film Connection

Hong Kong has always maintained a close-knit cultural, economical and political tie with its native province of Guangdong throughout the colonial era to the present. The colony was embroiled in cross-border turmoil such as the massive strike in the 1920s and the eight-year anti-Japanese war. Cantonese operatic arts and influential players, folk legends of Guangdong heroes and household names Wong Fei-hung and Chan Mung-kat, and the Lingnan culture thrived in Cantonese cinema during the post-war years, sending the creative spark flying in the territory.

The book is the first insightful retrospect of the dynamic and profound relationship between Hong Kong and Guangdong cinemas. Renowned scholar Li Yizhuang, cultural worker Reeve Wong and film critics Po Fung and Koo Siu-sun, among other contributors, offer their accounts of the people and places at this historical juncture that helped shape and redefine the cinemas of the two cities. Published in 2005 in separate Chinese and English editions. Priced at HK$110 for English edition; HK$75 for Chinese edition. (Edited by Wong Ain-ling)

English edition: ISBN 962-8050-33-8


Wong Ain-ling 

Ebb and Flow: Early Guangzhou and Hong Kong Film Industries
Zhou Chengren

To Ban and Counter Ban: Cantonese Cinema Caught Between Shanghai and Hong Kong in the 1930s
Lee Pui-tak

A Tale of Two Cinemas: Prewar Tug-of-War Between North and South
Stephanie Chung Po-yin

National Defence Cinema: A Window on Early Cantonese Cinema and Political Upheaval in Mainland China
Han Yanli

Rebuilding the Hong Kong Film Industry after the Great Guangzhou-Hong Kong Strike: Lai Buk-hoi and His Students
Li Yizhuang

Rewriting Lo Ming-yau: Between China and Hong Kong
Poshek Fu

United Photoplay Service: Structure and Organisation
Zhou Chengren

Oral History: Lai man-wai
Edited by Angel Shing

A Legacy in Cross-Fertilisation: Film and Opera Star Ma Si-tsang
Koo Siu-sun

A Wizard in Crossing Disciplines: Yam Wu-fa
Law Kar

Oral History: Li Ngaw
Edited by Jess Wong

Between '1' and 'You': An Architextual Construction of Li Ngaw's Broadcast Drama as Film Adaptation
Linda Lai

Oral History: Wang Weiyi
Edited by Edith Chiu

Once Upon a Dream: Guangzhou Memories in Hong Kong Film
Wong Ain-ling

From Guangdong with Tricks: The Hong Kong Songgun Film
Sam Ho, Grace Ng

A Hero Reinvented: Wong Fei-hung's Cinema Odyssey
Po Fung

Zero Distance: Hong Kong Film and Lingnan Culture
Reeve Wong

The Use of Written Cantonese in Entertainment Texts
Ching May-bo

The Hong Kong-Guangdong Chronology (1897-1959)
Compiled by Grace Ng

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