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Ever since the movie camera moved out of the studio into the city space, film directors, production managers, cinematographers and art directors have realised the challenge of using public space. This book takes you on a ride to experience stories behind interesting film locations, introducing us to the legendary figures and the cinematic miracles they helped realise. 188 pages printed in colour. Bilingual in Chinese and English. Published in 2006. Priced at HK$125. (Edited by Winnie Fu)

ISBN 962-8050-36-2


Film as Witness to History
Li Ngaw

Wandering from City into Movies
Bryan Chang

Local Colour of Hong Kong
In search of Old Haunts (And Discovering New Ones)
Wong Kee-chee

The Legend of Repulse Bay
Wong Kee-chee

The Emotional Map of Hong Kong Cinema
Lawrence Pun

On Location: Filmmakers' Notes
Through the Art Director's Eyes
Bill Lui, Art Director

Something Other than a Black City
Lo Chi-leung, Director

Extreme Locations
Gordon Chan, Director

Mission Impossible
Bruce Law, Stunt Director

Notes on Filmmakers
Film List
Photo Credits