The Swordsman and His Jiang Hu: Tsui Hark and Hong Kong Film Book Cover

The Swordsman and His Jiang Hu: Tsui Hark and Hong Kong Film

The book explores the intricate relationships between the legendary Tsui Hark and Hong Kong cinema, through accounts by filmmakers and Tsui's own memoirs. 293 page thick with 20 colour pages. Bilingual in Chinese and English. Published in 2002, priced at HK$100. Currently out of stock. (Co-edited by Sam Ho and Ho Wai-leng)

ISBN 962-8050-15-X


Law Kar

Sam Ho


Through Thick and Thin:
The Ever-Changing Tsui Hark and the Hong Kong Cinema
Li Cheuk-to

Struggle, Battle, Victory, Buddhism: Tsui Hark and the Force
Sek Kei

Organized Chaos:
Tsui Hark and the System of the Hong Kong Film Industry
Cindy S. C. Chan

Re-Interpreting Classics:
Tsui Hark's Screenwriting Style and Its Influence
Po Fung

Wall to Wall: Music in the Films of Tsui Hark
Yeh Yueh-yu

Working with Tsui Hark

Between Wining and Dining: A Scriptwriter's impression
Liu Damu

Sprinkling a Few Leaves of Licorice Root: An Art Director Contemplates the Magic of Tsui Hark
Bill Lui

I Love Him and I Hate Him: James Wong on Composing for a Truly Creative Mind
Edited by Ho Wai-leng

Worse Than Hitler: Cinematographer Arthur Wong Remembers
Edited by Ho Wai-leng

No Tsui Hark, No Pleasure: Editor Marco Mak Sticks by His Old Master
Edited by Ho Wai-leng