Chang Cheh: Memoirs and Criticism (Chinese edition) Book Cover

Chang Cheh: Memoirs and Criticism

Chang Cheh (1924-2002) started out penning film criticisms for newspapers and his astute writing paved the way for his prolific and glorious career working as a writer–director at Shaws, one of the leading studios at the time.

In the memoirs, Chang unveils to the readers his rarely known childhood, his aspired involvement in politics in his earlier years, and the hit trends he brought about in momentous phases of the Hong Kong cinema. The 'Criticism' section is a comprehensive collection of the over 100 reviews and criticisms on cinemas of the East and West Chang contributed to the press during the 1950s and 60s. His keen power of observation was well reciprocated in his later directorial works.

Chang Cheh: Memoirs and Criticism (368 pages) contains precious stills and photos of the director at work, a complete filmography, and a preface written by director John Woo and renowned film critic Sek Kei as a tribute to the late master. Chinese edition currently out of stock. (Published in 2002; HK$100)

Chinese edition: ISBN 962-8050-17-6


Chang Cheh Gallery
A Memoir of Chang Cheh
Entering Politics at an Early Age
Off to Taiwan
Directing in Hong Kong
Shaws Time
Joining Shaws
Run Run Shaw
Chang's and Chang Ho
The Chang's Period
The Chang Ho Period
On Directing
From Alishan to Broken Blade
New Style Wuxia
Quest for Changes
Kung Fu Films
What Is a Good Director?
On Violence
Male Friendship
On Self and Others
On Self
Jin Yong
Cheng Kang and His 'Director Character'
Kuei Chi-hung's Extremes
Actors and I
Back to the Origin
The Dynamic Hong Kong Cinema
Kung Fu
Peking Opera
Outside Influence
Editor's Epilogue
Wong Ain-ling