'Shaws Galaxy of Stars' Exhibition Catalogue Book Cover

'Shaws Galaxy of Stars' Exhibition Catalogue

Shaw Brothers' film productions spread over a few decades and are rich in all namable genres. One of Shaws' greatest contributions is its efforts in grooming a whole lot of filmic talents, which will be the focus of the exhibition. The accompanying exhibition catalogue provides a brief introduction to Shaws' talent training schemes, followed by a fine selection of photos covering over 70 stars, including our evergreen beauty Li Lihua, the charming Linda Lin Dai, classical beauty Betty Loh Ti, women killer Yan Jun, Chao Lei, Peter Chen Ho and romantic hero Jimmy Wang Yu, just to name a few. Besides, there are a full-colour graphic compilation of the galaxy of stars printed in panoramic scale plus a special section on the 'Top Star of Shaws, Cantonese Unit' Patrick Lam Fung. Contains 52 pages, published in 2003, priced at HK$35. Currently out of stock. (Co-edited by Law Kar and Stephanie Ng)

ISBN 962-8050-22-2


Tracing the Galaxy of Stars

Exhibition Sections:

  • - The Jungle of Swordfighters
  • - Sorrows of the Palace Chamber
  • - Rendezvous at the Terrace
  • - Youthful Romance in Town and Country
  • - Tender is the Night
  • - The Wicked City

The Jewel of Shaw – Patricia Lam Fung

Star Cards

Shaws Galaxy of Stars