The Psychic Labyrinth of F.W. Murnau Book Cover

The Psychic Labyrinth of F.W. Murnau

Accompanying the complete retrospective on German expressionist film master F.W. Murnau, a brochure carrying the same title has been published. Besides details of the screenings and highlights of the exhibition, a number of newly compiled thematic essays are included which make this 64-page brochure a fairly comprehensive record on Murnau. Bilingual in Chinese and English. Published in 2003. Priced at HK$40. Currently out of stock. (Edited by Winnie Fu)

ISBN 962-8050-23-0


Winnie Fu

Jürgen Keil

Evil, Obsession and Transcendence - on Three Classical Films of Murnau
Stephen Sze

From Castles to Farms
Wong Ain-ling

Swing of the Magic Wand
Bryan Chang

Specimen of Male Gender
Michael Lam

The Integration of Pictorial Composition into Film Images
William Cheung

Duality of Human Psyche in Murnau's Films
Winnie Fu


  • - Fade in
  • - Nosferatu
  • - The Last Laugh
  • - Faust
  • - Sunrise
  • - Tabu

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