The Diary of Lai Man-wai Book Cover

The Diary of Lai Man-wai

Lai Man-wai (1893-1953) had been a film pioneer in Hong Kong and a leading reformist for Chinese cinema. The Diary of Lai Man-wai not only chronicles the life of Lai and his family, it is also an invaluable record of Chinese history and film history, spanning from the early 20th century to the 1950s. Part of this diary was first published in the book Lai Man-wai: The Man, The Time, Cinema, now revised and expanded by Lai Shek. Explanatory notes have been added by the collator and editors to delve deeper into the personal life of this legendary figure. Contains 64 pages, published in 2003, priced at HK$28. Bilingual in Chinese and English. Currently out of stock. (Collated by Lai Shek)

ISBN 962-8050-24-9