'Fame Flame Frame—Jupiter Wong Foto Exhibition' Catalogue Book Cover

'Fame Flame Frame—Jupiter Wong Foto Exhibition' Catalogue

Jupiter Wong's photos not only record a film and its shooting location, but also embed Jupiter's mood at that time and space. Once he got a camera in hand, Jupiter would think of himself as a film director and his pictures are actually his own directorial creation. Be it a director, a star, a crewmember or a stunt man in his pictures, there is always something happening around his focal point. The faces captured by him - be they melancholic, passionate, worried, excited, happy or sad, there is always a story to tell.

The Hong Kong Film Archive has finely selected over 300 of Jupiter's photos and compiled them into a publication titled 'Fame Flame Frame - Jupiter Wong Foto Exhibition', which goes in line with an exhibition organised at the HK Film Archive Exhibition Hall in September and October, 2004. Published in 2004. Bilingual in Chinese and English. Priced at HK$90, the 304-page photo catalogue covers four sections on film stills, star portraits, behind-the-scene images and black and white photos. Currently out of stock. (Edited by Winnie Fu)

ISBN 962-8050-29-X


Winnie Fu

Stories within the Frame
Wong Ain-ling

Let There Be Jupiter!
Lee Teng

Talking about Jupiter
Lai Ho

Settling on a Planet
Bryan Chang

Photo Album

Film List of Jupiter Wong's Involvements

Postlude from Jupiter