A Yam Kim-fai Reader Book Cover

A Yam Kim-fai Reader (In Chinese)

Hailed affectionately as the 'Opera Fans' Lover', Yam Kim-fai has made more than 300 films in her illustrious career, and has been a household name in Cantonese speaking communities across the world since the early 1950s. This long-overdue book, the first of its kind dedicated to the talented artist, includes a collection of articles written by well-known critics and scholars, and an interview with Yam's lifelong partner Pak Suet-sin. Cartoonist Honsanawong and French expatriate painter Christopher Cheung wielded brushes and ink to pay their tributes.

A complete film list is appended. 1st edition in 2004; 2nd edition reprinted in 2005. Priced at HK$120. Currently out of stock. (Edited by Michael Lam)

ISBN 962-8050-30-3  1