Eileen Chang: MP & GI Screenplays Book Cover

Eileen Chang: MP & GI Screenplays (In Chinese)

A film lover, a critic as well as a scriptwriter, Eileen Chang's life was intricately entwined with film. Her scriptwriting career first started in Shanghai, and developed further in Hong Kong later, when she wrote screenplays for Motion Picture & General Investment Co Ltd until the studio underwent a major reshuffle in 1964. During her eight-year collaboration with MP & GI, she penned a total of ten scripts, eight of which brought to the screen. It might not have been a prolific stage in her creative career, this collection of screenplays holds a special place in her literary legacy nonetheless.

As these screenplays reveal, Eileen Chang in the cinematic world is still the worldly-wise, sharp-witted Eileen Chang familiar to us all. What makes these screenplays valuable is, however, an enthralling sense of humour that is rarely found in her novels. Except the script of  Dream of the Red Mansion  which cannot be traced, this volume collects all the screenplays Chang wrote for MP & GI, together with essays by renowned scholars and writers.

The  Eileen Chang: MP & GI Screenplays  box set contains four separate books. Published in 2010.
Priced at HK$190. In Chinese. (Edited by Grace Ng)

ISBN 962-8050-51-6  1