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Fei Mu's Confucius

The discovery and subsequent restoration of Confucius (1940) has filled a void in Chinese film history. Other than remembrances from Barbara Fei and Serena Jin, daughters of the film's director and producer respectively, this volume features essays by distinguished scholars and critics who look at the film from various perspectives, by turns historical, aesthetic, musical, and cultural. Also included are articles written by Fei Mu himself and Qin Pengzhang, the one who scored the film's music.

Published in April 2010. Priced at HK$78. Bilingual in Chinese and English. (Edited by Wong Ain-ling)

ISBN 962-8050-53-2


Preface: The Resurfacing and Restoration of Confucius
Introduction: The Vicissitudes of History
Wong Ain-ling

Remembrance of a Dream in Light and Shadow Barbara Fei 
My Father and Confucius: Conception and Production, Lost and Found Serena Jin
History and Literature Li Ling
An Imprint of a Hard Time Louie Kin-sheun
The Tradition of the 'King without a Crown' Leung Man-tao 
Exploring Film as a Literary Form in Confucius Koo Siu-sun
Beauty in Ren, Poetry in Images: Confucian Aesthetics in Confucius
Sam Ho
The Music Score of Confucius Lau Chor-wah 
Western Instruments, Chinese Sounds: The Film Music of Confucius
Tse Chun-yan
Confucius and Confucius: A Comparative Viewing Cheng Chuen-wai 
Crystallisations of the Times Shu Kei 

Confucius and His Times Fei Mu 
The Production of Confucius: The Cast Fei Mu
Confucius: The Film and Its Music Qin Pengzhang
A New Understanding of Confucius Wei Ruhui 
Our Expectations of Confucius Fang Dian, Ying Weimin
Synopsis of Confucius

Bio-filmography of Fei Mu
Appendix: Original Film Materials of Confucius