The Glorious Modernity of Kong Ngee (English edition) Book Cover

The Glorious Modernity of Kong Ngee

From 1955 to 1968, Kong Ngee Motion Picture Production Co made well over a hundred films, mostly urban and modern, with genres ranging from romantic comedies, melodramas, to detective films and psychological thrillers.
The monograph includes two major sections: essays by film scholars, critics and oral history interviews with Kong Ngee personalities such as Ho Kian-ngiap (of the Ho family), Chan Man (producer/director), Patrick Lung Kong (director), Tam Ning and Woo Mei-ping (scriptwriter), Patrick Tse Yin (actor), Patsy Kar Ling (actress), Nam Hung (actress). Published in 2006. Priced at HK$150 for English edition; HK$100 for Chinese edition. (Edited by Wong Ain-ling)
English edition: ISBN 962-8050-38-9


Celebrating Modernity, Dazzling Sounds and Sights: Kong Ngee Films and Urban Media 
Yung Sai-shing
From Russian Classics to Hong Kong Pulp Fiction: Kong Ngee's Urban Literary Culture 
Mary Wong
All About Patsy Kar Ling 
Grace Ng
Hidden Treasure of Sexual Pleasure: The Unplumbed Depths of Patrick Tse Yin 
Michael Lam
Between Pragmatism and Idealism: Kong Ngee's Odd-Couple Films 
Sam Ho
Intimate Partners: Chun Kim and Chan Man 
Grace Mak Yan-yan
From the Union to Kong Ngee 
Wong Ain-ling
Rules and Exceptions: Cantonese Productions by Kong Ngee and Shaws 
Law Kar
The Story of Kong Ngee: The Southeast Asian Cinema Circuit and Hong Kong's Cantonese Film Industry 
Stephanie Chung Po-yin
Singapore Screen Memories: Kong Ngee's Nanyang Trilogy 
Stephen Teo
Oral History
Ho Kian-ngiap
Chan Man
Patrick Lung Kong
Tam Ning
Woo Mei-ping
Patsy Kar Ling
Nam Hung
Patrick Tse Yin