Oral History Series (4): Director Wong Tin-lam (In Chinese) Book Cover

Oral History Series (4): Director Wong Tin-lam (In Chinese)

Wizard-director Wong Tin-lam has worked in a wide variety of genres throughout his career. Cantonese martial arts fantasy and folktale were the mainstays of his early works, but it was his contemporary films, particularly the musical, light comedy and melodrama he directed for Hsin Hwa, MP & GI/Cathay in the 1950s and 60s, that came to be recognised as his real gems. Wong joined the TV industry in the 1970s, poised to write a new chapter of his remarkable career as a trendsetter in this infant business. In addition to his own accounts of yesteryears, the meetings with his son Wong Jing and protégés David Lam, Ringo Lam and Johnnie To have documented the lineage tracing back to the master himself. The monograph also publishes a collection of his column that ran in T.V. Week in the 1970s and 80s. Offering personal anecdotes and hard-to-find records of post-war Hong Kong cinema, the monograph promises to be a fun read.

264 pages in total. Published in 2007. Priced at HK$110. In Chinese. (Co-edited by Wong Ain-ling and Angel Shing)

ISBN 962-8050-44-3 1