The Valiant Ones (Blu-ray Disc)

The Valiant Ones (Blu-ray Disc)

Production Company: King Hu Film Productions
Producer/Director/Screenwriter: King Hu
Cinematographer: Chris Chen
Action Choreographer: Sammo Hung
Cast: Roy Chiao, Bai Ying, Hsu Feng, Lau Kong, Ng Ming-choi
Format: Colour
Language: Mandarin (Mono)
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese/English
Region: All
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Number of discs: 1 (Blu-ray Disc)
Running Time: 106 mins
Courtesy of King Hu Foundation USA
Release: April 2023
Price: $210

Written and directed by the multi-talented King Hu, The Valiant Ones (1975) is set in the Ming-dynasty China, a time when Japanese pirates were wreaking havoc along the nation's coast. Its heroes engage in epic battles and tragic sacrifices, fully illustrating the themes of loyalty and martyrdom. The film's fierce action, choreographed by Sammo Hung, works synergistically with Hu's camera angles and tight-knit editing. Also impressive are its settings in the hills, islands, and rough, turbulent sea of Hong Kong, accentuating Hu's awe-inspiring wuxia aesthetic. The Valiant Ones is the first 4K restoration by the Hong Kong Film Archive, aiming to present the film as it appeared during its initial theatrical run, with optimal audiovisual quality. 


The 'Special Feature' section includes the video 'The Valiant Ones' Stories', consisting of interviews with the film crew, and stories of the film's acquisition and restoration process, etc.

Special Features of The Valiant Ones Blu-ray Disc




The Valiant Ones Blu-ray Disc Booklet


Plus a 96-page booklet which contains:

  • Foreword   Kwok Ching-ling
  • The Crew and the Film
    • Cast and Crew / Synopsis / Profile of King Hu / Character Profiles / Before and After Restoration
  • Essays
    • The Valiant Ones: A Depiction of Loyalty and Heroic Sacrifice Derived from Wokou History   Lo Wai-luk
    • The Valiant Ones: King Hu's Most Masculine Film   Sek Kei
    • What the Costumes of The Valiant Ones Reveal About King Hu's Mindset   Edith Cheung
    • The Valiant Ones: Composer Unknown?   Yu Siu-wah
    • Examining The Valiant Ones with the Development of Wuxia Cinema as Context   Po Fung
  • Acknowledgements