Restored Treasures – The Wild, Wild Rose (4K Restored Version)

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In support of the annual 'World Day for Audiovisual Heritage' and to enhance public recognition of the importance of preserving our audiovisual heritage, the Hong Kong Film Archive is screening the 4K restored version of The Wild, Wild Rose (1960), one of the Archive's '100 Must-see Hong Kong Movies'.

Film restoration breathes new life into cinematic treasures, augmenting the viewing experience of many generations to come. The Wild, Wild Rose is the second 4K digitally restored film by the Archive [the first being The Valiant Ones (1975)]. The film elements were acquired from the Cathay Organisation in Singapore and while they have not suffered major damage, the image contrast is very large, with scratches and black-and-white flecks typical of old prints. Also, most of the film is set at night inside nightclubs and details of darker and shadowy scenes have diminished. After digital restoration and colour timing, much details and texture of the original version are refurbished.

The world premiere of the 4K restored version of The Wild, Wild Rose will be on Sunday, 30 July at the Grand Theatre of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. In addition, there will be a special screening on Friday, 27 October 'World Day for Audiovisual Heritage' at the Hong Kong Film Archive Cinema. Don't miss it!

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