Chor Yuen – Master of His Time

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Director Manfred Wong will be the speaker while Sam Ho will be the moderator of the post-screening talk of Killer Clans.

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'Looking back, when you have no regrets for not achieving anything while doing lots of things, when you're not embarrassed for having wasted all those years, then you can proudly say, that your life has not been in vain.' — Chor Yuen, from his acceptance speech for the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards

Chor Yuen, one of the most important directors in the history of Hong Kong cinema, passed away on 21 February 2022, leaving behind a significant number of wonderful films.

More than any other filmmaker, Chor Yuen embodied all the splendour of Hong Kong in the second half of the 20th Century. It was a time of dramatic transformations and Chor captured much of them in his work while adjusting to the ever-shifting winds of the times.

Son of Cantonese star Cheung Wood-yau, Chor entered the film industry when Hong Kong was taking its first steps towards economic prosperity and social stability. From the boom and bust of the Cantonese cinema to the eventful development of the Mandarin wuxia film to the rise and fall of the last Golden Age of Hong Kong cinema, Chor was there. He not only weathered all the changes but played meaningful roles in most of the important chapters in the post-war history of Hong Kong film.

February 2023 marks the anniversary of Chor's passing. The Hong Kong Film Archive, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild, is paying tribute to the great director by presenting the programme 'Chor Yuen – Master of His Time'. 13 of Chor's representative works will be shown, each complemented by a talk with a member of the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild.

Special thanks to Mr Carey Cheung, son of Chor Yuen, who generously offered his help and support for this programme, providing precious artefacts like the late director's manuscripts and rare photographs. He also shared with us his memories of his father, giving us a better understanding of the master filmmaker.

Jointly presented by: Hong Kong Film Archive & Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild

The contents of the programme do not represent the views of the presenter. The presenter reserves the right to change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.

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