Moonlight Express

Moonlight Express

Dir: Daniel Lee
Scrs: Lo Chi-leung, Yumiko Aoyagi
Prod Cos: Mei Ah, Hakuhodo, Media Factory
Cast: Leslie Cheung, Takako Tokiwa, Liu Kai-chi, Austin Wai, Michelle Yeoh
1999 | Colour | 35mm | Cantonese | Chi & Eng Subtitles | 105min

Girl loves boy, girl loses boy, girl loses legs, girl meets another boy, boy helps girl find her legs...Leslie Cheung plays both of the boys—two birds, so to speak—in this cross-cultural romance. The first is Tatsuya, the girl's Chinese-Japanese fiancé, a bird with firmly-planted legs who dies in a car accident. The second is Karbo, an undercover cop, a classic Hong Kong character to which Cheung applies the Leslie brand of 'loner who's cool on the outside but burning on the inside'—a bird with no legs, the symbolic figure lifted to mythic level by Cheung. The girl is Hitomi, a Japanese woman who comes to Hong Kong speaking broken Cantonese. They meet cute, in a quasi-dangerous, crime-film scenario. A relationship develops and, in the process, she finds her legs back. Popular Japanese actress Takako Tokiwa, widely known as 'Queen of Serial Drama', made her Hong Kong film debut with Moonlight Express. She manages to foster great chemistry with Cheung, their tender moments balancing smoothly with the obligatory voracity of the action scenes.

Date Time Venue
9/9/2023 (Sat) # [Full House] 2:00pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

# Post-screening talk with Shu Kei

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