Inner Senses

Inner Senses

Dir/Scr: Lo Chi-leung
Scrs: Yeung Sin-ling, Derek Yee
Prod Co: Filmko
Cast: Leslie Cheung, Karena Lam, Tsui Siu-keung, Waise Lee, Maggie Poon
2002 | Colour | DCP | Cantonese | Chi Subtitles | 100min

Only Chinese subtitles are available for this screening. We appreciate your understanding.

When unseen scars of trauma turn into recurring haunting visions, Yan (Karena Lam) seeks help from psychiatrist Jim (Leslie Cheung) to regain her sanity and heal from her troubled past. But as Yan is slowly recovering, Jim starts to see the same disturbing images as his repressed memories find their way back to him.

In his final years, Leslie Cheung took on more complex film roles that explore the dark side of human nature. Inner Senses, originally titled 'Alone in the Dark', not only talks about how a hidden sense of despair can cause immense pain and strip away a person's sanity, it also touches on the important theme of loneliness—probably one of the common weaknesses of being human, which can be seen in many of the characters in the story. In this psychological thriller, Cheung sweeps us away with his intense and powerfully vulnerable performance. The last minutes of the film bear some eerie similarities with reality, but a different ending that we could only wish for. A star has fallen, but his memory will remain with us.

Date Time Venue
29/7/2023 (Sat) # [Full House] 5:30pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

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