Viva Erotica

Viva Erotica

Dirs/Scrs: Derek Yee, Lo Chi-leung
Prod Co: Golden Harvest
Cast: Leslie Cheung, Shu Qi, Karen Mok, Law Ka-ying, Elvis Tsui Kam-kong
1996 | Colour | DCP | Cantonese | 99min

In this Category III film, Leslie Cheung plays a director plunged into a struggle between ideal and reality. Sing (Leslie Cheung) is plagued by commercial failures of his work and is forced to make a softcore porn film to make ends meet…

Viva Erotica is a provocative satire that takes aim at the absurdities of the film industry and Cheung tackles the role with abandon, embodying the turmoil an artist endures when his ideal must be compromised to meet the reality of the market. For the film's last sequence, director Derek Yee handed over the helm to Cheung, asking the star to also edit and score it. Cheung rose to the occasion, rendering the sequence with a vivid stylisation at once different from the rest of the film and organically congruous with it.

Courtesy of Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment Group

Category III Film: Person under age 18 will not be admittedCategory III film: Only persons aged 18 or above shall be admitted

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25/6/2023 (Sun) # [Full House] 5:30pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

# Post-screening talk with Johnny Wang & Joyce Yang


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