<h2>Movies To GO<br>Tai Kwun Movie Steps X Hong Kong Film Archive ─ A Cinematic Portrait of Song &amp; Dance</h2>

Movies To GO
Tai Kwun Movie Steps X Hong Kong Film Archive ─ A Cinematic Portrait of Song & Dance

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The Hong Kong Film Archive is launching another presentation of history and fun at Tai Kwun, a follow-up to the earlier ‘Hong Kong Heritage Museum x Hong Kong Film Archive — Hong Kong Pop 60+' film screening and post-screening talk series. This time around, the topic is Hong Kong musicals and the singing and dancing will take place in Central.

Musical films of Hong Kong are a magnificent confluence of many elements. Essential among them are various forms of popular culture, such as Cantonese opera, Huangmei diao, Mandarin pop, Cantonese pop and western popular music, culminating into a glorious manifestation of cinematic art. In July and August, the Archive special programme ‘Movies To Go', in our first collaboration with Tai Kwun, will feature five musical films in free screenings at the Laundry Steps at Tai Kwun.

It is our hope that audiences will be inspired by the artistic dedication of different generations of Hong Kong filmmakers while enjoying the many splendors in the development of Hong Kong musical films.

See you at the Steps!

Participate in the screening of Calendar Girl and Summer and Spring to receive a complimentary limited edition postcard after screening. Quantity is limited while stocks last.

This programme is co-presented by the Hong Kong Film Archive, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and Tai Kwun ─ Centre for Heritage and Arts

The contents of the programme do not represent the views of the presenter. The presenter reserves the right to change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.

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