Archival Gems — Time After Time II


Thematic Clips:

Wuxia Film──Hong Kong Wuxia and Martial Art Films New!

Zombie Film──Hong Kong Zombie Films

Love and Marriage Film──"Eternity" of Marriage in Films

Detective Film──Interpretations of Detective and Crime Films in the Changing Era

Things change, while people come and go. But thoughts about life remain. Generations of human beings ponder the same issues over and over again—through artistic expressions, from poems to paintings, from songs to dances, and cinema is a form where many riches of those expressions meet. Filmmakers from different eras have shared their insights, reflections and epiphanies by integrating creativity, craft and technology to produce works that comment on the human condition.

What is experienced and remembered will ultimately result in resonance. The Hong Kong Film Archive has, since 2019, been embarking on an effort to digitise our collection. Many films that we have been unable to screen because of the poor condition of the celluloid prints or because they are the sole copy in the collection can now be shown. Following the previous chapter, the programme continues to pair up and juxtapose titles from the 1950s and 1960s with films that deal with similar topics, in an attempt to create dialogue across time. Experts from different fields will conduct post-screening talks to explore the cinematic projections and historical trajectories of events and issues of vital interest.

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