Heart to Hearts

Heart to Hearts

Dir/Prod: Stephen Shin
Scrs: Nip Wang-fung (aka Chan Hing-kai), Siu Kwok-wah, Gordon Chan, Ip Kwong-kim, So Fung-yee
Prod Co: D & B
Cast: George Lam, Dodo Cheng, Rosamund Kwan, Vivian Chow, Elaine Jin
1988 | Colour | DCP | Cantonese | Chi & Eng Subtitles | 98min

‘A film like this has nothing, no action, no big laughs. Smiles at most. I never thought it would have this kind of box-office!'—Ip Kwong-kim

Alex (George Lam), an advertising executive, is dumped by his supermodel girlfriend Peggy (Rosamund Kwan). He casts his student Vivian (Vivian Chow) to sing a commercial jingle and meets her overprotective single mother Ngor (Dodo Cheng). At first, Ngor misunderstands his intentions towards Vivian, but she tentatively begins to fall in love with him. Then Peggy decides to go back to Alex. Ngor mistakes chivalry for romance and is devastated to receive a wedding invitation from Alex…The four leads are perfectly cast in their roles and play them with less of the over-the-top style popular at the time. The story for this romantic comedy was initially abandoned by D & B, but Lam saved it and the film became one of the studio's greatest hits and started a well-known series.

Date Time Venue
20/11/2022 (Sun)  [Full House] 11:00am Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

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