Final Victory

Final Victory

Dir: Patrick Tam
Scr: Wong Kar-wai
Prod Co: D & B
Cast: Eric Tsang, Loletta Lee, Margaret Li, Tsui Hark
1987 | Colour | 35mm | Cantonese | Chi & Eng Subtitles | 99min

‘I can't tell you what genre Final Victory is, because this is a Wong Kar-wai! And then there are actors like Tsui Hark and Eric Tsang! How can you tell what it is? But if you come watch the film, it's good! They have their own way of telling stories. From a creative perspective, this is what filmmaking is about!'—John Sham

This is one of many remarkable but overlooked works by D & B. Eric Tsang is a loser gangster who's incompetent but loyal. Entrusted by his imprisoned boss to find the latter's girlfriend Loletta Lee in Tokyo, he ends up saving her from a sex ring. While on the run, a romance forbidden by triad rules blossoms between the two. Screenwriter Wong Kar-wai gives this romanticised gangster film a comedic twist; while director Patrick Tam was responsible for the unique cinematography and editing. From Loletta Lee's initial entrance to the car chase, every scene manages to stir powerful emotions. Tsui Hark is exacting and convincing as the vicious but sentimental crime boss. The scene of his internal struggle after finding out about his lover and his myrmidon is particularly moving.

Date Time Venue
18/8/2022 (Thu) [Additional Screening] 7:00pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive
29/10/2022 (Sat) # 2:30pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

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