Free Screening<br>Feast of a Rich Family

Free Screening
Feast of a Rich Family

Dirs: Lee Sun-fung, Lee Tit, Ng Wui, Law Chi-hung
Scr: South China Film Industry Workers Union's Script Committee
Prod Co: South China Film Industry Workers Union
Cast: Ng Cho-fan, Cheung Ying, Lo Duen, Cheung Wood-yau, Mui Yee
1959 | B&W | DCP | Cantonese | 102min

Courtesy of South China Film Industry Workers Union

This screening is presented to celebrate UNESCO's World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

This film was discovered locally in 1999.

In 1949, a group of important film-industry figures formed the South China Film Industry Workers Union (SCFIWU), dedicated to improving the working conditions of the industry as well as elevating film quality. Ten years later, the Union invited a large number of key Cantonese-cinema filmmakers to volunteer for the making of Feast of a Rich Family as a fundraiser for establishing a permanent office. In 1999, the Cultural Presentations Office presented a programme to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of SCFIWU, which, true to the Union mettle, deposited the film in the Archive as a testament to the cooperative spirit that informed the organisation.

To show off his wife's new diamond ring, nouveau-riche Fung plans to throw a banquet, supposedly to celebrate his father's beard. However, he is embarrassed at his impoverished father's thinness, and force-feeds him to a ridiculous degree. Fung's sister and her husband dislike Fung's arrogance, and at the same time get into a fight over the gift to bring. Meanwhile, Fung's nemesis Ho also plans a party at the same time, luring guests with gifts of gold. At the banquet, Fung's father cannot stand it any more and rips off his fake beard in front of the guests, exposing the lie. Numerous Cantonese filmmakers as well as various Mandarin film stars enthusiastically supported the production. The script writers' branch of the SCFIWU split up into teams to handle plot development, writing and editing the script of this now-classic Hong Kong film. From one banquet invitation, the plot pans out and describes the situations in several families and the states of mind of people in different economic strata. It is one of the signature films of the period.

Date Time Venue
27/10/2021 (Wed) ● 7:30pm Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

● Free admission

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