The Wild, Wild Rose

The Wild, Wild Rose

Dir: Wong Tin-lam
Scr: Qin Yifu (aka Nellie Chin Yu)
Prod Co: MP & GI
Cast: Grace Chang, Chang Yang, Dolly Soo Fung, Wang Lai, Ouyang Shafei
1960 | B&W | DCP | Mandarin | 134min

Courtesy of Cathay Organisation Holdings Ltd

This film was acquired overseas in 2004.

Qin Yifu tailor-adapted Carmen for Grace Chang, changing her image from the Mambo Girl to the wild and sexy ‘root of all evils'. Chang played an accomplished singer and dancer. She is alluring and seductive, repeatedly flirting with the already-engaged piano teacher (Chang Yang), and the two end up falling hopelessly in love. This eastern version of Carmen values righteousness, but cannot bear her ex-husband One-eyed Dragon's relentless pursuit. The love relationship is eventually destroyed. MP & GI had produced countless films set in nightclubs, but this one best captures the atmosphere of the lifestyle driven by alcohol and cigarettes. Under Wong Tin-lam's eye for detail, the high-contrast black-and-white cinematography works well with the atmospheric lighting, sets and artistic design. Together with composer Yao Min's jazz score, this is the definitive Mandarin musical. Every movement made by Chang exudes exquisite sexiness. Many songs from this film have also become classics.

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21/8/2021 (Sat) # 4:00pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

# Post-screening talk with Amelia Cheung, Tweety Law

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