Lady Bond

Lady Bond

Dir/Scr: Mok Hong-si
Prod Co: Hing Fat
Cast: Connie Chan Po-chu, Nam Hung, Chow Chung, Tam Bing-man, Lee Pang-fei
1966 | B&W | D Beta | Cantonese | Chinese Lyrics | 97min

This film was discovered overseas in 1999.

David Quan, eldest son of the famed actor and renowned martial artist Kwan Tak-hing, not only donated to the Archive materials left behind by his father but also a number of 1960s handbills he found in the Great Star Theatre of San Francisco. Following this lead, the Archive contacted the Wu's Family who operated the theatre, managing to find a batch of 1950s and 1960s films in the family basement, among them classics like Lady Bond.

1966 was the peak of Connie Chan Po-chu's career. In addition to Movie-fan Princess, Colourful Youth and Girls are Flowers, there was this film, Lady Bond, that cemented her status as a contemporary action star. In the film, her character's father was killed by the triads, leaving behind two daughters. The elder sister makes a living as a singer at a nightclub, and is sometimes threatened by triad members. The younger sister (Connie Chan Po-chu), who knows karate, becomes an assassin who punishes villains. The first James Bond film was produced in 1962 and quickly became extremely popular worldwide. Quick-thinking Hong Kong filmmakers were inspired to make Chan into a heroine who upholds justice: wearing a tight, black unitard, speeding all over town in speedboats and sports cars, who at the same time embodies the innocence of a young woman. The youth culture and western modern lifestyles pursued by post-war baby boomers made Lady Bond the first of many films in the new Hong Kong genre of James Bond-style spy thrillers starring women.

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31/7/2021 (Sat) # 2:00pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

# Post-screening talk with Sam Ho and Angela Lai

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