Colourful Youth (Restored Version)

Colourful Youth (Restored Version)

Dir: Yu Ho (aka Chan Wan)
Scr: Ngai Man (sobriquet of Chan Wan & wife Ngai Siu-chee)
Prod Co: Chi Leun
Cast: Connie Chan Po-chu, Josephine Siao Fong-fong, Woo Fung, Nancy Sit Kar-yin, Wong Oi-ming
1966 | Colour | DCP | Cantonese | 115min

This film was collected locally in 1995.

Hong Kong in the 1960s was going through drastic changes, with the economy and the post-war generation grown, resulting in a conscientious chasing of trends and an increasingly need for excitement. Established by Kwan Chee-kong, Chi Leun Film Co. had produced many outstanding youth-oriented films in the 1960s and played a key role popularising Cantonese musicals. In 1995, when the company's Olympia Theatre in North Point was about to be demolished, Kwan decided to transfer over 100 copies of the company's titles to the Archive. The Archive put together a team to tackle the task, scaling six floors of steps to the rooftop of the no-elevator building to move the collection, which numbered more than 2,000 reels. Colourful Youth, starring the beloved Connie Chan Po-chu and Josephine Siao Fong-fong, was one of the films saved from that rooftop.

This is the only film in which the iconic Jade Girls Connie Chan Po-chu and Josephine Siao Fong-fong star together in a contemporary setting. Add to that beautiful teenagers in gorgeous trendy fashion, bouncing in jubilant song-and-dance, frolicking at a swimsuit party and romping around in eye-catching scooters... Nothing short of a celebration of colorful, glorious youth! Four of the hugely popular septet The Seven Princesses (Nancy Sit and Wong Oi-ming, in addition to Siao and Chan) are featured, complemented by a scene-stealing Woo Fung. Youths of the 1960s were completely bedazzled. But 1960s Cantonese films are seldom without morals. The lovely lasses, while enjoying innocent fun and carefree rites of passage, are put through setbacks by unsavoury characters...

The Archive is grateful to Chi Leun for authorising the print to be shipped to Italy for digital restoration. This current, most complete version is reconstructed based on information our researchers garnered from newspapers and special publications.

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19/6/2021 (Sat) # 6:00pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

# Post-screening talk with Dr Ng Chun-hung

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