The Magic Cup, Part One

The Magic Cup, Part One

Dir/Scr: Lung To
Prod Co: Tao Yuen
Cast: Law Yim-hing, Fung Bo-bo, Mak Bing-wing, Poon Yat On, Lan Chi Pak
1961 | B&W | D Beta | Cantonese | Chinese Lyrics | 100min

This film was collected locally in 1994.

Tao Yuen Film Co. was established by Mr Li Wui-tao in 1958, making important contributions to the 50s-60s Hong Kong cinema with its productions. After the death of Li, his wife donated the company's films to the Archive for permanent safekeeping. Among them are several films starring the child star Fung Bo-bo, including A Respectable Tutor (1959), The Lion's Roar (1959) and The Magic Cup (1961).

Having lost her mother, young girl Bobo (Fung Bo-bo) lives with her honest but incapable father until her stepmother and a wizard conspires to kill her. While escaping, she picks up a magic cup. With the help of the powerful genie in the cup, Bobo embarks on a fantastic adventure featuring giants, magic and treasures. The composited special effects in the film are fascinating: the horizontal ancient well, the giant hand controlled by electricity, the grand palace and the incredible mountain ranges embellish an Aladdin-like story. After its first run in cinemas, this film enjoyed popular second runs, matinees and numerous screenings on television, entertaining many generations of Hongkongers.

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12/6/2021 (Sat) # 12:00pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

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