Film Screenings

The Sorrowful Lady

Almost every actress has to play in sad stories at some point – the wronged wife, the songstress who died in the incident, the imperturbable 'self-combed' woman and the mother who sacrificed for her son. Tang brought these typical tragic images to life with her singing voice, and touched the hearts of many audiences.

The Comical Sister

Tang was the acclaimed diva who could perform a wide range of roles. The comedic eristic 'Iron-beaked Hen' was one of her signature acts, as she switched between dialects eloquently. Tang had put her lively personality into her characters. She was daring to try out new roles to prove her artistic skills instead of settling for any roles with merely a pretty face.

The Classic beauty

As the most sought-after huadan of her times, periodic costumed performances in Cantonese operas and films were both Tang's typical acts. She was known as the 'Blue Peony' in the famous 'Eight Peonies'; her portrayal of beautiful periodic sweethearts situated in different scenes were simply unforgettable.

The Charming Dandy

Tang nailed different roles in her Cantonese opera stage and film works, that included both huadan roles and cross-dressing as sheng roles. Whether dressed in traditional costume or in a tuxedo; conforming to parents' prejudicial expectations or disguising herself as a way of protection, Tang's gender-bending performances were nothing less than what a real male actor could deliver.

The Eternal 'Ma-Da'

In the late 1960s, Tang switched to performing in television dramas. Her most notable role as Lee Suk-tak in The Seasons (1987-1989) had earned her the legendary 'Ma Da' title and the one and only mother figure in television history. Tang even returned to cinema in 1988 to reprise her role in Mother Vs. Mother, alongside Bill Tung and Lydia Sum as the sparkling comical trio.