Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Dir: Soi Cheang
Scrs: Szeto Kam-yuen, Tang Lik-kei
Pro Co: Filmko
Cast: Karena Lam, Shu Qi, Alex Fong, Tam Chun-ho, Lam Suet
2005 | Colour | D Beta | Cantonese | 95min

May (Shu Qi) moves into a new apartment with her husband Ray (Alex Fong) and son Chi-lo, only to find out that the building is erected over a squatter area, where some of the residents died in a riot when they refused to move out. The family decides to stay nevertheless, but soon, Chi-lo mysteriously disappears without a trace. May desperately searches for her missing son and finds the disturbing fact that he is kidnapped by a hideous 'monster' lurking in secret through the ventilation and trash pipes, who is driven insane by the loss of her own son. The film starts by building up tension with intriguing paranormal suspense, keeps the audience guessing until the truth about the 'monster' is revealed, and finally shows the audience two kinds of maternal love and how love can turn someone into a 'monster'.

Courtesy of Filmko Pictures (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd

Date Time Venue
1/5/2022 (Sun) 4:00pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

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