Stealing the Beauty's Corpse at Night

Stealing the Beauty's Corpse at Night

Dir: Tse Hung
Scr: Cheung Yeung
Cast: Law Yim-hing, Wong Chiu-mo, Cheng Wai-sum, Leung So-kam, Lau Hark-suen
1955 | B&W | DCP | Cantonese | Chinese Lyrics | 88min

It is a simple story with a deep meaning. When the beautiful chanteuse Hung (Law Yim-hing) is forced to marry Commander Lau (Lau Hark-suen), her brother (Cheng Wai-sum) interferes but is brutally beaten to death. Hung also falls to her death when she tries to escape. The siblings are only hastily buried in a coffin home, which is haunted soon afterwards. Hung's lover Wong (Wong Chiu-mo) later sneaks into the haunted house hoping to see her for one last time; Lau, meanwhile, insists on inspecting the coffin home and the corpses to prove that ghosts do not exist…The film creates an eerie and uncanny atmosphere with its well-designed camera angles, sound and editing. The haunting looks of the two ghost characters are a nod to Hong Kong's typically told horror stories.

The sound quality is short of ideal. We appreciate your understanding.

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