Mad Detective

Mad Detective

Dirs/Pros: Johnnie To, Wai Ka-fai
Scrs: Wai Ka-fai, Au Kin-yee
Prod Co: One Hundred Years of Film
Cast: Lau Ching-wan, Andy On, Gordon Lam, Kelly Lin, Lee Kwok-lun
2007 | Colour | DCP | Cantonese | 91min

Awarded the Best Screenplay at the Hong Kong Film Awards and The Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards, Mad Detective has a special place in the history of Hong Kong detective film. Inspector Ho (Andy On), stuck in the case of a missing police gun used in several robberies and murders, seeks help from his former mentor Detective Bun (Lau Ching-wan). Bun claims he can see ghosts in a person, and finds seven of them in Inspector Chi-wai (Gordon Lam), the main suspect. The plot unfolds gradually with intriguing twists and turns, illustrating in the process the complicated state of the human psyche. Inspired by Hollywood's The Lady from Shanghai (1947) and our very own Long Arm of the Law (1984), the gunfight scene in the mirror room is a powerful depiction of the demons that lurk inside humans.

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Category III Film: Person under age 18 will not be admittedCategory III Film: Person under age 18 will not be admitted.

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2/1/2022 (Sun) 4:00pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive

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