Adaptations of Literature from Shanghai


Shanghai was the birthplace of Chinese cinema. The development of Hong Kong films was subsequently shaped by contributions from the large number of filmmakers who migrated south from Shanghai (such as the Shaw brothers, Zhang Shankun, Tong Yuejuan, Li Lihua and Griffin Yue Feng, etc.). This thematic programme is being explored in the current screening of eight classic arthouse films produced by the Shanghai Film Studio.The selected titles share the literary tone and showcase techniques of handling the crossover from literature to film with diverse characters and styles. A huge thanks to the Shanghai Film Museum and Shanghai Film Archive for lending these works and related materials from their collection, so that Hong Kong audiences could enjoy the incredibly diverse film adaptations of classic literature from Shanghai on the big screen.

The contents of the programme do not represent the views of the presenter. The presenter reserves the right to change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.

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