Movie Talk──Mabel and Alex


Among the numerous film directors of the 1980s, the combination of Mabel Cheung and Alex Law is one of the few so-called ‘golden partnerships'. They met at New York University, and progressed from film school classmates to steady partners. In various roles including scriptwriter, director and producer, they have created many Hong Kong film classics together.

These Cheung/Law films are mostly based on personal experience, reflecting society and the times through everyday people and events. The Illegal Immigrant (1985) and An Autumn's Tale (1987) are about the intricacies of the emotions of workers and students in foreign lands. City of Glass (1998) expresses the inter-generational exuberance and heartbreak of youth through the University of Hong Kong's dormitory culture. Inspired by Alex Law's childhood, Echoes of the Rainbow (2010) arouses the distant memories of many Hongkongers. Each of their works is filled with the realities of life, interlaced with romance, heartbreak and joy.

In recent years, Cheung and Law have gone behind the scenes, becoming university lecturers and committee members of the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild, supporting the Hong Kong film industry in various other ways.

In this new instalment of Movie Talk, Mabel Cheung and Alex Law have chosen four films in which they have collaborated, and two others which have profoundly influenced them, letting the audience see their passion for film from the creative point of view.

The contents of the programme do not represent the views of the presenter. The presenter reserves the right to change the programme should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.

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