Cine Memories of the War of National Resistance

Cine Memories of the War of National Resistance


‘Cine Memories of the War of National Resistance' is an annual programme curated by the Hong Kong Film Archive, presenting a free screening each year on the theme of the Anti-Japanese War. Sun, Moon and Star (Part 1 and Concluding Episode)(1961), the selected feature this year, was adapted from the novel of the same title by novelist Xu Su. Directed by Evan Yang and penned by the famed scriptwriter Qin Yifu (aka Nellie Chin Yu), the film is a sweeping drama set against the backdrop of anti-Japanese resistance, detailing the complicated relationships and turbulent lives of patriotic youths before and after the war. Lauded as an epic literary work, Sun, Moon and Star is the story of a young man (Chang Yang) and the three women in his life: Lucilla You Min as 'Star', Grace Chang as 'Moon' and Julie Yeh Feng as ‘Sun'. Their intertwining lives entail three memorable tales of love as they cross paths all over China before and after the war. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the film's release, the Archive will present both parts of the film in one screening, commemorating Victory Day of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.


In the 1950s, author Xu Su wrote the epic wartime novels The Star, the Moon, and the Sun and The Girl Called Sakurako, both based on the Anti-Japanese War. They became popular among readers in Hong Kong and East Asia, the former work selling more than 100,000 copies over a span of ten years. Qin Yifu (aka Nellie Chin Yu), well-versed in both Chinese and Western literature, adapted The Star, the Moon, and the Sun to film. She not only condenses the original work of over 300,000 words into a 212-minute film but also crafts the personalities and psychology of the three women characters with nuanced details, all the while shaping the intricate development of a poignant but heartrending love rectangle. With a lineup of MP & GI's top names that counts Stephen Soong as producer, Evan Yang as director, Yao Min behind the scene and, in front, a stellar cast of the studio's leading actors and actresses, the film became a huge box-office hit and won four major awards at the 1st Golden Horse Awards, including Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay, Best Leading Actress, and Best Colour Cinematography.

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