Renovation work at the Hong Kong Film Archive's ground-floor lobby is completed and ready to meet you on 4 January! The permanent exhibition 'In Memory of Queen's Theatre' is re-located near the centre of the lobby. Patrons can see in close range the 35mm American-manufactured carbon arc-lamp projector, gaining better understanding of projection mechanisms.

Permanent exhibition: In Memory of Queen's Theatre

Free Admission

Exhibition opens on 20/3/2008
Venue: Lobby, G/F. Hong Kong Film Archive

Memory of the exciting times of visiting the grand cinema of the Queen's Theatre lingers in the minds of many for over half a century. But gone were those days of anxious anticipation for films like Gone with the Wind (1939) or A Streetcar Named Desire(1951) on the wide silver screen.

Located on Queen's Road Central in Central, Queen's Theatre, the successor of Hong Kong Theatre which opened in approximately 1911 on the same site, was established in 1924. Until its closure on 30 September 2007, this some 80 year-old theatre witnessed the changes of Hong Kong society. 

The Hong Kong Film Archive is pleased to acquire as donation the 35mm Ashcraft carbon arc lamp projector from the theatre. This weighty archival item now sits in the Archive, allowing visitors to reminisce the Queen's with supplementary videos and photos. 

Archival photo courtesy of Cheng Po-hung