Morning Matinee Law Yim-hing, Ambassador of Alluring Beauty

Morning Matinee Law Yim-hing, Ambassador of Alluring Beauty


The 1950's and early 1960's are golden years of Hong Kong cinema. It was a time when the film industry blossomed, blessed by high production numbers, great genre diversity and an abundance of gifted filmmakers. One of the most remarkable talents who contributed to the wonders of this era was herself a tireless, prolific worker – appearing in a jaw-dropping 90 films in one of those glory years -- who traversed with ease across a variety of film genres, including opera films, wuxia movies, fantasy flicks, dramas and contemporary musicals. This mesmerizing and versatile actress is Law Yim-hing, known endearingly as Ambassador of Alluring Beauty.

A fan of Cantonese opera since childhood, Law started learning at around 10, under such noted artists as Fa Koo Kong and Sit Kok-sin. During Japan's occupation of Hong Kong, Law started performing on stage under the name Law Yim-hung, honing her craft in opera companies like Kok Sin Sing Opera Troupe and Kwong Wah Opera Troupe. She appeared in her first film after the war, in The Haunt of the Eastern Capital, Part One (1948). With solid martial arts performing skills developed from Cantonese opera, Law quickly established herself a wuxia film star.

Law was featured in more than 330 films over a span of twenty years. With an alluring charisma backed up by acting skills that allowed her to master a wide range of roles, she enjoyed a dedicated following among fans. This programme celebrates Law's illustrious film career with a selection of thirteen works, showcasing three of her distinguished onscreen personas─the martial arts heroine, the gorgeous beauty and the virtuous woman─putting on full display the versatility and appeal of this luminous actress.

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