Viva Erotica

Viva Erotica

Dirs/Scrs: Derek Yee, Lo Chi-leung
Prod Co: Golden Harvest
Co-starring: Shu Qi, Law Ka-ying, Elvis Tsui, Lau Ching-wan
1996 | Colour | D Beta | Cantonese | 99min

Inspired by the experiences of a former assistant director, director Derek Yee takes aim at the absurdities of the Hong Kong film industry with this provocative satire. In a daring role that marks his first category-III film (Happy Together is his second), Leslie Cheung stars as a filmmaker who must swallow his pride and make a softcore porn film in order to make ends meet. After assisting Peter Chan on directing Who's the Woman, Who's the Man, Yee gave Cheung another chance to step behind the camera, letting him direct the elegant sex scene between Shu Qi and Elvis Tsui near the end of the film.

Courtesy of Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment Group

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Category III Film: Person under age 18 will not be admittedCategory III Film: Person under age 18 will not be admitted.

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This is a Category III film. Under the Film Censorship Ordinance, only persons aged 18 or above shall be admitted to the screening of the film. Ticket holders under 18 years old who have bought the tickets before 15 May, please bring along the tickets (with stubs) to the box office of Hong Kong Film Archive from today to 23 June 2018 for refund arrangement. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. For enquiries please call 2739 2139.

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