All's Well End's Well, Too

All's Well End's Well, Too

Dir: Clifton Ko
Scrs: Raymond Wong, Joe Ma Wai-ho, Vincent Kok Tak-chiu, Clifton Ko
Prod Co: Mandarin
Co-starring: Sam Hui, Teresa Mo, Sandra Ng, Rosamund Kwan
1993 | Colour | Blu-ray | Cantonese | Chi & Eng subtitles | 86min

After the hugely popular All's Well End's Well, Clifton Ko and Raymond Wong served up yet another Chinese New Year comedy in 1993, clocking up over $35M at the box office. In this postmodern spin-off of the story of "Little King" Chow Tung from the ancient Chinese vernacular novel Water Margin, Leslie Cheung flexes his comic muscles and plays an adorable parody of the magician David Copperfield, who devises an elaborate scheme to stop Chow Tung (Sam Hui) from marrying his lover, Snow White (Rosamund Kwan). A testament to the free spirit and creative energy of Hong Kong cinema in the early 1990s, when almost everything could be fodder for laughter and mockery.


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13/5/2018 (Sun) 2:30pm Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive