The Heroic Trio

The Heroic Trio

Dir: Johnnie To
Scr: Sandy Shaw Lai-king
Prod Co: China Entertainment, Paka Hill
Co-starring: Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Cheung, Damian Lau Chung-yan, Anthony Wong, Yam Sai-koon
1993 | Colour | 35mm | Cantonese | Chi & Eng subtitles | 88min

More than two decades before Wonder Woman, Johnnie To had already boldly reinvented the superhero genre with a female twist. Leading this exhilarating attempt at a Hong Kong superhero franchise is Anita Mui, playing a housewife who spends her nights as a crime-fighting vigilante–—also named Wonder Woman. As she attempts to crack a conspiracy involving a mystery villain kidnapping babies, she encounters a gun-wielding mercenary (Maggie Cheung) and a mysterious woman (Michelle Yeoh) with an invisible robe. Blending western superhero mythology with Chinese cultural elements and amazing martial arts sequences (choreographed by Ching Siu-tung), The Heroic Trio is a groundbreaking feminist action film unlike any other.

Courtesy of Media Asia Film Distribution (HK) Limited

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