Kawashima Yoshiko

Kawashima Yoshiko

Dir: Eddie Fong
Orig Story: Lillian Lee's novel of the same title
Scr: Lillian Lee
Prod Co: Golden Harvest, Friend Cheers
Co-starring: Andy Lau, Patrick Tse Yin, Derek Yee, Idy Chan Yuk-lin
1990 | Colour | D Beta | Cantonese | Chi & Eng subtitles | 93min

The amazing true story of a Qing Dynasty princess who became a Japanese spy is brought vividly to life in this powerful biopic by writer Lillian Lee and director Eddie Fong. Charged with reviving the Manchu nation, Yoshiko (Anita Mui) is sent to Japan at a young age to train as a spy. After doing her part in establishing Manchukuo for the Japanese, Yoshiko finds her resolve shaken when she reunites with her former lover (Andy Lau), a stage performer who has become an anti-Japanese revolutionary. In one of the most beloved performances of her career, Mui is powerfully versatile as the legendary spy.

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